Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Evolution to Imagination- Our Universities have lost it!

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

I want to go on record with you as a pastor under your leadership that I am greatly perplexed and I am struggling with the current direction of the Church of the Nazarene and her Colleges and Universities. I do not know how many are with me and my wife on these matters or if we remain is some kind of silent fearful minority of leaders who struggle with such matters. I have spent a year reading and research trends in our church from the Emergent Movement to what is being allowed on our Christian campuses.

In the spirit of love I submit to you a summary of my resent correspondence with several in leadership of the past several months. In late December 2009 I wrote G.S. Jesse Middendorf about my concern about evolution being taught at ENC. After two months the summary reply of a 3 page letter I received was very gracious and kind but yet it was basically that I/we should have liberty (tolerance) for non-essentials and there is room for diversity within the walls of the Nazarene Church on such subjects as creation.

Unsatisfied with that response I then wrote Professor Karl Giberson directly at ENC about his position on the creation of the first man Adam. He wrote back a brief comment that I should just see his blog ( read heresy at blog) as he did not have time for personal correspondence due to the high volume of inquires he receives. Karl noted that all my questions about Adam were on the website. After careful review of the website and many other posts I have concluded that indeed Karl and several other Nazarene Professors are promoting heresy on the internet if not in the class room as well. The bible warns us of such false teachers! "But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, . . ." (2 Peter 2:1)

So now my question becomes after a few inquires: Does anyone in leadership know how to spot false teachers and prophets today? Outside of our Nazarene walls are culturally popular teachers and preachers like Rob Bell who are influencing countless people with their excellent communication ability. If you listen closely he and many other like him who are culturally relevant teachers are teaching heresy alongside other biblical truths.

Just a few weeks ago I was enraged when I discovered that TNU was hosting a retreat at a Catholic monastery in KY. Instead of writing, I called TNU and spoke with President Dan Boone directly. I did appreciate the personal time on the phone with Dan . However, after reflecting on that conversation I still stand my ground in spite of what President Boone says about his reasons in justifying a retreat at this Catholic monastery. In my opinion we should not be sending our students onto these grounds and intentionally exposing them to Catholic people, practices and icons as it is a form of silent endorsement at worst and teaching religious tolerance at best. Dan Boone’s reply to me was basically it is cheap and affordable and we’ve been doing it for 40 years. I understand thriftiness in this economy but I must still ask, ”does the end ( cheap retreats) justify the means ( Catholic Monastery) when it offends ministers like me ( former Catholic) who were redeemed many years ago from the false teachings ( heresy) of the Catholic Church?” Just this past week our Hispanic Church planter pastor led 3 adult Catholic women to Christ upon hearing the gospel preacher for the first time in a Nazarene church. They came forward to the altar of our Nazarene church. Now we must begin to teach them the truth which that the Catholic church never revealed to them.

This past week I discovered that Point Loma Nazarene University is hosting some bizarre conference about Prophetic Imagination and among the featured guest speakers are: An Environmental Activist, a Monk, a Priest, a Black Activist and then it is Emceed by the President of NTS. Among the workshops is a Muslim Iman, a Catholic Priest and professors from ENC, NNU, PNU and TNU. This is not the Holiness Church I was led to as young man from my Roman Catholic heritage. Some of the topics at this conference are just outright strange and Emergent in nature such as Sophia and Phronesis: A ‘What If’’ Question about Theology and Feminist Pedagogy as Acts of Prophetic Imagination.

I am concerned that if this continues much longer the Church of the Nazarene will be swept away into total heresy among a generation that trusted the elders who led them into these false doctrines. I wonder how many more ministers will exit the church as Rev. Rick Headley recently did in Ohio.

I truly wish that this were all just some nightmare and I will wake up soon and find that our great holiness denomination has not actually become just another tolerant people with no distinction. If you don’t believe what I am writing by all means look at these links and see for yourself.

Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination

PNC Conference Schedule.


My oldest child is a freshman in one of our Nazarene Universities and I am not sure about her academic future if this continues. I cannot honestly imagine supporting our colleges and Universities if this is becoming the standard in our Denomination. The rest of my 4 children coming up through the ranks I will be inclined to begin to looking elsewhere unless I see hope. Maybe my only vote will be by virtue of the Gospel of money until a true stand is made by the General church.

Yours Truly

Peter Migner, Pastor

Deland Church of the Nazarene

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mythology in the Making | The BioLogos Foundation

Mythology in the Making | The BioLogos Foundation


In all due respect to your comments like this below:

( Why would the audience at a science meeting be dominated by clerics? I teach science at a Christian College but pastors do not attend our science division meetings. Scientific meetings today, no matter what the topic, are not attended by clergy. Theologians do not publish in scientific journals. I think most of us would agree with Huxley that the “parsons” should stay out of science unless, of course, they were also scientists.)

How many clergy have been invited to attend and with today’s technology I did attend Ken Ham’s lecture invitation from over 1000 miles away from my living room on a week night by way of a live webcast. Do you offer clergy the same way to attend your lectures?

And as well, how is it that scientist can enter the field of theology, yet “parsons” should stay out of Science?

I disagree with your comments here. The vast difference between a lot of scientist ( and I presume you being one) as well is that the scriptures take second place as a voice of authority in discovery whereas for most “parsons” the discoveries of man take second place to the authority of the Word of God.

Webcast your science lectures and I will attend.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can Evolution and Creation Co-Exist?

After serving the Lord since 1989 I find myself increasingly surrounded by professing believers and leaders who do not have issue with evolution. My oldest daughter is now a freshman at one of our Nazarene Universities and I am hearing bits of info about how liberal and humanistic so many of our current day professors are. When I attended Eastern Nazarene College back in the mid 80's I did not give it much concern because I was on fire to learn the bible and head out into ministry. But now some 20 years later I am discovering that not all Nazarene's believe in the biblical account as God gave it. My hope in this that this blog will help other Nazarene find a place of like mindedness in the scriptures. I hope we will all discover more fellow Nazarene's who hold to a biblical worldview and a solid interpretation of God's word.

Jesus commended the children for their simple faith to believe. Yet some how we have a generation of such brilliant professors that they must undo the simple story of creation to fit into their own understanding of man made methods wisdom.

I wrote Professor Karl Giberson who embraces both Jesus and Evolution.

Letter Written to Karl Giberson of Eastern Nazarene College 3-6-2010

Professor Karl Giberson, March 6, 2010

It has been many years since I sat in your class as a student. I graduated in the class of 87.
I am 47 years old now and have been in the ministry with the church of the Nazarene
pastoring since 1989 preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I read sometime
back in the Christian Scholar about your most recent book "Saving Darwin" and then
read some excerpts from Amazon.

Needless to say my immediate reaction was" what? are we teaching evolution in our
Denominational CHRISTIAN Colleges that we support with our prayers and financial
budgets ?" Our very own church manual states that we believe in creationism as outlined
in the bible in Genesis 1:1. page 371 paragraph 903.8 The Church of the Nazarene
believes in the biblical account of (Gen 1:1) We oppose any godless interpretation of
the origin of the universe and humankind. However, the church accepts as valid all
scientifically verifiable discoveries in geology and other natural phenomena, for we
firmly believe in God is the creator."

So I wrote to one General Superintendent using you as an example of concern. Here was
my question to them.

“Is there an avenue or accountability structure or system in place whereby our church
colleges and universities and its professors can be held accountable to maintaining our
doctrinal heritage and purity? Many universities in our country started out Christian
and over time have deteriorated into campuses where humanism dominates.”
(the summary answer to this is below)

After reviewing your websites, articles and your critics, I find that you are indeed
embracing both evolution and Christianity. I don't see how that is possible. I would like
to understand how a science Professor finds balance with theological concepts that are
foundational to the salvation of man. This is a serious inquiry. I'm finding out that you
are very controversial among both evangelicals as well as the atheist community which
seems odd.

I realize that the Bible was not written to be a science text, but rather a revelation of God
to man about salvation which includes a lot of other information that is both historical
and scientific in nature.

The reply I received back from the general church shocked me to say the least. I was
given the following quote as a summary answer to the question above within a 3 page

"The mission of our church depends on our unity in the Spirit. It does not require a
monolithic and rigid adherence to one interpretation or another on these issues. We
rely on Dr. Bresee’s admonition in these matters: “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials,
liberty; in all things, charity.” We choose to be committed to one another, to
stand shoulder to shoulder in our attempt to “spread scriptural holiness through the
land.” I believe that is the unifying objective for all of us."

What I really got out of this reply was that our position on creationism as a church verses
evolution is a non-essential and is open to multiple interpretations. I could not disagree
with this more, but certain answers from you would help me to determine if I absolutely
agree with that comment or not. I do agree to have unity in the Spirit, so therefore I am
writing and appealing to you as brother within the Church of the Nazarene in the spirit of

I would be very open to a conversation on the phone if there is a time that fits your

Karl, if you would please answer for me the following questions I would greatly
appreciate it and it would give more clarity on your position as it relates to evolution and

1. Do you believe God created Adam in one day (24 hours period) or something
2. Do you believe there was an actual man named Adam who had a mate named
3. If you do believe a man and women named Adam & Eve are true biblical
historical people? Approximately how many years ago do you believe they


Peter Migner, Pastor

Reply from Karl Giberson on the same day

Dear Rev. Migner:

Thanks for your thoughtful letter. I am sorry that time does not permit me to engage the great number of people who seek out personal communications with me. I have written several books, and blog regularly at Any questions you have about my views are addressed in considerable detail in venues like those.

God bless you in your continuing ministry.