Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mythology in the Making | The BioLogos Foundation

Mythology in the Making | The BioLogos Foundation


In all due respect to your comments like this below:

( Why would the audience at a science meeting be dominated by clerics? I teach science at a Christian College but pastors do not attend our science division meetings. Scientific meetings today, no matter what the topic, are not attended by clergy. Theologians do not publish in scientific journals. I think most of us would agree with Huxley that the “parsons” should stay out of science unless, of course, they were also scientists.)

How many clergy have been invited to attend and with today’s technology I did attend Ken Ham’s lecture invitation from over 1000 miles away from my living room on a week night by way of a live webcast. Do you offer clergy the same way to attend your lectures?

And as well, how is it that scientist can enter the field of theology, yet “parsons” should stay out of Science?

I disagree with your comments here. The vast difference between a lot of scientist ( and I presume you being one) as well is that the scriptures take second place as a voice of authority in discovery whereas for most “parsons” the discoveries of man take second place to the authority of the Word of God.

Webcast your science lectures and I will attend.

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