Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Evangelical Rejection of Reason- NOT

I am going to keep this simple and straight forward. I am an Eastern Nazarene College graduate who had Professor Karl Giberson as a professor. I have witnessed over the last several years his digression away from the bible, the holiness heritage of the Church of the Nazarene (COTN) and sound biblical doctrine. I have personally written to him and appealed to him, the President of the College and even our General Leaders about this wayward professing evangelical member of the Church of the Nazarene. Fortunately, he finally resigned and moved on, but only to still bring upon the COTN great shame in his latest Oct 17th New York Times article.

          Many of the articles and books Karl and similar faith abandoning professors have written do no earthly or heavenly good. Karl has taught at ENC and has brought the greatest shame upon the institution in it’s over 100 year history.
      I trust that in the silence of those in position of authority something is being done, said or considered to set the record straight about who Nazarene’s are and where they stand on these issues.  I am not in a position of leadership with ENC, the board of trustees, the current President or this present professor named Randall Stephens, but I do feel confident that the recent article named “The Evangelical Rejection of Reason” in the New York Times opinion section of October 17th 2011 does not reflect and represent the majority of the members of the COTN around the world.
  These men who wrote this article are out of line and touch with the doctrines and position of the church. They indeed bring shame upon His glorious Church when they dare refer to themselves as evangelicals. They obviously rely exclusively upon science and reason than the Anointed One and His revelation. Christianity is a relationship built upon faith in Jesus Christ and the recorded miracles of the bible. All miracles defy reason, logic and science and therefore called miracles.  
  The supernatural order always has and always will overstep the natural order of science and the material order of creation when the Creator wants and decides and it takes faith to believe and receive that as a higher reality than the natural order of creation.  
These men should either make a retraction on their article or public recordable statement of correction or move their association and membership out of the COTN.   If they choose not do so, I think they would make a far better match with Richard Dawkins new non believing clergy groups then the believers of Christ within the COTN.  Is there any science to the fact that this article was published on the same day as the article published by Richard Dawkins?  The article at hand is a testimony of their abandonment of true biblical faith in Christ unless corrected soon. If not corrected they are shipwrecking their faith and perhaps the faith of many others as well.  


  1. SO sad! And so true. We've been watching the decline of the COTN for some time now and finally left the church we love because of the general turning away from holiness. Thanks for speaking the truth.


  2. So glad I left the COTN several years ago so I don't have to witness groups trying to make the denomination look like a fundamentalist Baptist offshoot.

  3. I rejoice with you that God is blessing your journey- keep the faith and fight the good fight- God bless