Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evolution: Does it Really Matter?

Over the past year I have spoken to a number of leaders and in conversation many times I have shared my belief in the God of creation who spoke it ( 6 days of creation) into existence in a literal 6 day period. Most leaders who truly love God say. " evolution or direct creation does not matter because God was behind it all anyway" On the surface this might sound non- threatening and acceptable, but in the long run we open up to ourselves and many people along with us multiple problems based on opening the door beyond what God says about the beginning. I propose that it really does matter. Once you break away from a literal 6 day creation as noted in Genesis you give the devil an open door to question so much more about the reliability of God's entire Word. Man has a tendency to want see things as it best fits his or her worldview, but as born again believers we must hold to what God says about history or we end up in deep trouble. Professor Karl Giberson of Eastern Nazarene College is an example of someone who once held a Biblical World view and exchanged it for a Scientific Worldview and who struggles to try to mix the two together. I believe you can read for yourself how confused Karl made his own life and the lives of others who accept his view when he veered off from what God says about creation.

I used to think that certainty mattered in life. Now I
don’t. I was a pretty normal Christian kid when I headed
off to college. I had been raised in a conservative evangelical
parsonage, and as a budding intellectual, I was into Christian
apologetics. It was important to me to be able to prove that
my faith was completely true.

I had various arguments at my disposal: fulfilled
prophecy showed that God must have written the Bible;
problems with evolution showed that creation was true; our
sense of morality demanded that there be both a moral law
and a lawgiver. Other world religions had serious theological
and ethical problems; and gays and secular humanists were
obviously following the devil.
All this combined to create a powerful conviction in
the deepest part of my soul that I could have 100 percent
confidence that my beliefs were right and that those with
different beliefs were wrong.
In my college years, this certainty evaporated. By
studying science, I learned that my belief in young-earth
creationism was about as credible as my earlier belief in
Santa Claus; I learned that the biblical texts were complex,
culturally conditioned, and even contradictory. From 180 by The House Studios.
page 84 under the chapter title "Giving Up On Certainty"

I find it interesting that someone who started studying science (man's discoveries and perceptions) confesses that his certainty in God Word evaporated. Science became Karl's new reliable source of faith and not God's entire Word as he has been raised.

Above is my comments about my background and perspective and below is another perspective with much more publicity with John MacArthur.

When John MacArthur appeared on Larry King Live to address the issue of same-sex marriage, San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom scoffed at the concerns some have over the “slippery slope”—i.e., if you allow same-sex marriage, why not allow people to marry children or pets? (Click here to watch the video.)

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